This page contains resources specific to the review board process.  Click on a heading below to access the resources.

These Information Sheets provide detail about specific steps in the review process. Additional topics may be added from time to time. They are designed to assist you with the review process. They are not a substitute for the Health Professions Act or its Regulations, the Administrative Tribunals Act, or the review board’s Rules of Practice and Procedure

The Administrative Tribunals Act (section 12) requires that the Review Board issue Practice Directives respecting the usual time period for completing an application and for completing the procedural steps within an application, and the usual time period within which the Review Board’s final order, decision and reasons are to be released after the hearing of the application is complete.

The Administrative Tribunals Act (section 13) permits the Review Board to issue other Practice Directives consistent with the Health Professions Act and the Review Board’s Rules.

Below are links to the Review Board Practice Directives.

  • Form 1 – Request for Review: Registration Decision
  • Form 2 – Request for Review: Delayed Investigation
  • Form 3 – Request for Review: Inquiry Committee Disposition
  • Form 4 – Agent Authorization
  • Form 7 – Change of Address Notification
  • Form 9 – Notice of Withdrawal
  • Form 10 – Request to Admit Additional Information: Registration Decision Review
  • Form 11 – Request to Admit Additional Information: Inquiry Committee Disposition Review
  • Form 13 – Extend the Time to File an Application

The Administrative Tribunals Act (section 11) allows the Review Board to establish Rules respecting practices and procedures to facilitate the transparent, just, consistent and timely resolution of matters before it. Any question of procedure that arises during a hearing and is not provided for in these Rules will be decided by the Panel Chair.

The Rules may be amended from time to time as required by the Review Board.  See Historical Rule Amendments.

Rules of Practice and Procedure

The Administrative Tribunals Act s. 51 requires the Review Board to make its final decisions in writing, with reasons; and s. 50(4) requires the Review Board to publish its decisions. To protect the privacy of applicants and complainants, the Review Board anonymizes its decisions. Click below to see the Board’s Publication Policy.

Publication Policy

Section 50.53(1)(d) of the Health Professions Act gives the Review Board the power and duty to develop and publish guidelines and recommendations for the purpose of assisting colleges to establish and employ registration, inquiry and discipline procedures that are transparent, objective, impartial and fair.

Below you will find links to the Review Board’s published Guidelines and Recommendations. Additional Guidelines and Recommendations with be posted as they are issued.

Recommendation and Guideline No. 1: Ensuring the right to a review of a registration decision is respected and communicated to individuals applying for registration

Recommendation and Guideline No. 2: enhancing fairness of Investigative Process through greater Complainant involvement